English Heritage

Baconsthorpe Castle

Inspecting Baconsthorpe Castle

BCS Ltd is very proud to have built a long-standing relationship with English Heritage.

Since 2001 we have inspected, reported on and conservatively repaired buildings at over 40 sites, many as part of an on-going annual inspection programme devised by us in conjunction with E.H.

Over this period we have developed a board and deep understanding of the problems widely differing historic buildings develop at high level; and have developed many unique solutions to intransigent problems including:

  • The most effective repair methods
  • Best practice for regular maintenance
  • The ability to rapidly assess and undertake emergency interventions
  • Complete work without compromising historic fabric

Having developed and utilised these skills on some of the country’s most important and

Thetford Priory

Thetford Priory

delicate buildings, BCS Ltd is confident that we can provide the best advice and most cost effective solutions to your building’s high level problems.

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