Magpie Mine: High Level Inspection

High Level Inspection of Magpie Mine


Magpie Mine

Magpie Mine looks like a piece of Cornwall transported to the Peak District.

  • It is the remains of a lead mine that was intermittently active between the 1840’s and the 1950’s with most of the extant remains dating from the 1860’s.
  • Since 1962 it has been in the care of the Peak District Mines Historical Society.

Inspection/ Survey

  • As part of a bid for funds to enhance and preserve the site specialist conservation surveying practice Weston Allison Wright (WAW) surveyed all of the buildings.
  • BCS Ltd. has a long standing relationship with WAW and when it came to ascertaining the condition of the remains at high level with they immediately got in touch with us.
  • We were able to inspect and report on the high level areas of all of the buildings, including an internal inspection of one of the chimneys with just 2 days on site.


  • Based on our survey WAW were able to reassure the client that the remains were essentially stable, and that previous works to consolidate the building were continuing to do so.

Magpie Mine

  • There were numerous minor defects at high level which would need to be addressed a some point.
  • The internal inspection of the chimney revealed a partial collapse of internal stonework that it would have been almost impossible to detect without BCS Ltd.’s help.


  • What works are to be undertaken have yet to be decided but BCS Ltd. noted that much of the mainly minor remedial works could be undertaken using roped access, minimising the cost and inconvenience of scaffolding.

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