Scarisbrick Hall – March 2011


Scarisbrick Hall

Scarisbrick Hall is a Grade I listed building.

It is one of the finest examples of Victorian Gothic architecture in the country and was worked on by the architecht A.W.N. Pugin (who was instrumental in the design of The Houses of Parliament) and his son E.W. Pugin who was principally responsible for the tower Building Conservation Solutions worked on.

It was the family seat of the Scarisbrick family but is now a private co-educational school.


  • During high winds one of the corner spires of the tower was seen to start moving. Building Conservation Solutions were on site within two hours. We were able to access the moving spire and strap it back to the main building.


  • While undertaking the emergency works we were able to assess the problem and propose a solution.
  • High winds over many years had caused slight movement in the spire. Over time this had ground the mortar out of its lowest joints eventually allowing the whole spire to rock.
  • A general inspection of the tower was also undertaken once the immediate problem had been addressed and a list of defects made.

Open joints on corner spire


  • A report detailing our findings and proposing a solution was passed on to the school’s structural engineer, who agreed with our condition assessment and approved our proposed repairs.


  • Rope access repairs, larger scale repairs


  • We completed the work to stabilise the loose pinnacle in 2 days. Recommending that the other defects highlighted in the report were not as pressing, and would be best undertaken as part of a general programme of works that was being planned for the whole building.

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