March 2019 – St. Benet’s Abbey Gatehouse

Early March on the Norfolk Broads, BCS inspected the surreal remains of St. Benet’s Abbey Gatehouse.

A wind pump was inserted into the remains of the Abbey Gatehouse in the second half of the C18th. Why? Well, if you go into the remains you will see that the shaft hole for the pump has been placed through the center of the vaulting of the gatehouse roof, providing a readymade support the shaft. Clever adaptive re-use, or 18th century vandalism: discuss. Either way what remains is both interesting and strangely beautiful.

The site is nearly a mile from a metalled road and there was no way a cherry-picker or mobile access platform could gain access. Having worked with the guardians of the site on other projects (Binham Priory Gatehouse), it was natural for them to contact BCS. We were able remove invasive vegetation and provide a reassuring condition report.

Joe Picalli removing pellitory-of-the wall from

High on the mill in a clear blue sky

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